About Us

Who: We are Boy Scout Troop 445, located in Friendswood, Texas. Our troop was founded in 1967. Troop 445 has had over 140 scouts earn the rank of Eagle in that time. Troop 445 currently has 6 patrols made up of 42 scouts. Troop 445 is chartered by Friendswood Friends Church, and is a member of the Northern Star District of the Bay Area Council.

What: Troop 445 is an ACTIVE troop. We schedule campouts and/or activities every month of the year. Each summer, the troop attends a summer camp. This camp is a different camp each year. Each winter the troop also attends a camp over the Christmas holidays.

Troop 445 is a boy-led troop. This is the only way to learn the skills of leadership, by putting these skills into practice. The scouts run each troop meeting based on a monthly plan prepared by the Patrol Leaders Council (PLC).

When do we meet: Troop 445 meets every Tuesday night (except on holidays). The first Tuesday of the month is reserved for the PLC and Troop Committee meetings. Normal troop meetings begin at 7:00 pm and last till 8:30 pm.

Where: Troop 445 meets at Friendswood Friends Church in Friendswood Texas. The meetings are held in the Gym.


Why: The objectives of Troop 445 are character development, citizenship, and personal fitness as described in the Scout Oath, Scout Law, Motto, and Slogan. The troop program is based on these objectives. the three basic parts to the program are FUN, PERSONAL GROWTH, and LEADERSHIP.

How: The Scout program is fun. The yearly program plan is driven by the desires of the scouts in the troop.

The program encourages PERSONAL GROWTH through advancement and adventure. As a Scout learns and masters basic Scouting skills, he grows in ability and moves up in rank from Scout to First Class. The road from First Class to Eagle Scout is a road of personal growth and leadership. It requires LEARNING (by completing merit badges), ACTIVE LEADERSHIP in the troop, and SERVICE TO OTHERS. By completing merit badges, the Scout is introduced to more in-depth skills and knowledge of a wide range of subjects. By being active in the Troop's outdoor program, the Scout will push himself to do things he did not believe he could do, from climbing a rock wall to climbing a cliff, from learning to swim to swimming a mile.

Our program encourages LEADERSHIP. One of the main requirements on the road from First Class to Eagle Scout is ACTIVE LEADERSHIP in the troop. By running a BOY LED troop (with the coaching and mentoring of the adult leaders), our program's success or failure is dependent on the ability of our older, more-experienced boy leaders to pass on their knowledge and abilities to our newer, less-experienced Scouts. The Troop Guide position is used to place more-experienced Scouts in a teaching position with the newer Scout patrols.